Mitchell Responds To Prime Minister On Politicizing The Police Force

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Statement by Chairman of the PLP
FNM politicizing Police Force
For Immediate Release
3rd May 2019

The Prime Minister obviously bit his tongue when he told the media that the PLP politicized the police force.

If Dr. Minnis has a short memory, we are happy to remind him that it was the FNM who sent multiple police officers brandishing weapons to BAIC for no other reason but to intimidate BAIC employees and its executive Chairman.

None other than his National Security Minister, Marvin Dames, admitted under oath that in the run up to the Frank Smith vs the COP case, he met with and interviewed the virtual complainant in a criminal case at his constituency office before turning the matter over to the police for further processing. This amounted to witness tampering and was unprecedented. The FNM broke new ground with their tampering and interference with the operations and work of the police.

Court records also revealed that call log records were manipulated.

These inappropriate acts that undermined the administration of justice were the direct result of the bad hand of the FNM politically interfering with the work of the police.

In the end, two Ministers of the government, Marvin Dames and Dr. Duane Sands, were judicially condemned for their ministerial misconduct.

This same Dr. Minnis who loves to point the finger, has done nothing to address this issue that hovers like a dark cloud over his administration and is an albatross around his neck. He wishes this to go away through deflection so the Prime Minister lacks credibility on this score.

What the PM should do is walk the walk and dismiss both Marvin Dames and Duane Sands since it is clear that both Ministers will not resign.