Mitchell Says FNMs Need Psychologists.. Peter Turnquest Agrees

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The press reported that Peter Turnquest, the Minister for Finance, said that he might need to consult a psychiatrist following the trauma he experienced during Hurricane Dorian. Strangely that same day of the report the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell issued the following statement:

8 October 2019

Given the latest statement by the FNM attacking the PLP on hurricane relief, we are very concerned as a party that the FNM leadership is facing severe mental challenges. They all need to have a chat from the psychologist’s bench.

We remind them again. The PLP is not the issue in the matter of hurricane relief. The FNM and their leadership are the issue. They are lousy. Their Prime Minister is inept, hapless and clueless. The entire party says ” where you put me”.

The PLP was on the ground as soon as the all clear was given providing relief. Where was the FNM: missing in action.

The government sent the RBDF to Abaco and Grand Bahama without support. The Government can’t get the body count right. The Government allowed looting and disorder.

All of this came in the face of the shocking refusal to evacuate the population despite clear advice from the experts to do so. Had they acted the deaths might have been avoided.

The FNM must go do penance. These are clearly a set of nut cases.