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The video is shown

Fred Mitchell said this to the outside world on the question of the immigration policy of The Bahamas government when he spoke on 3rd March in Geneva:


Our country is a most welcoming country.  After all tourism is our main business.  It therefore concerns our government and people when we see reports which vilify the country and portray just the opposite impression often without context or notice.  Sometimes there is a sense of a doctrine of ” gotcha” in the international arena, cialis generic there instead of one which seeks to work constructively with us to identify the issues and solve any problems.  It seems that often some think the worse of you rather than seeing the good intentions that may sometimes fall short but to which shortfalls (if any) our country is always dedicated to correcting.


We recently put in place new administrative measures on immigration meant to protect our national identity and our national security.  Many adverse comments were made about the policies, discount cialis store some of them portraying migrants as victims of a policy which is designed for their welfare as the opposite of what it is.  The public should take note of reports that the trips that migrants pay to smuggle their way into The Bahamas and onward can range in price from 1500 dollars to 5000 dollars US.  This means that the new policies are blocking a sophisticated criminal enterprise.  Those who oppose the new measures by fair means or foul should be careful that they are not unwittingly running interference for these criminal enterprises which must be stopped.  The opponents of the policy risk undermining their credibility and there is a backlash of resentment over these assertions which seem designed to sully the country without proper context.

You may click here for the full statement.