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Senator Fred Mitchell lays the rose at the grave of Bradley Roberts, PLP Chairman Emeritus 9 November 2018 at the Western Cemetery (Photo by Peter Ramsay)

Remarks by Senator Fred Mitchell
Progressive Liberal Party
At The memorial Service For the late Bradley B. Roberts
Lynden Pindling Centre, Gambier House
7 November 2018

It is a rare occasion that I have today: the opportunity to address a body of august notables, such as are gathered here today. I would guess that everyone who is anyone, who is PLP, is here tonight and if not here now, would have wanted to be here and is certainly here in spirit. We are here in praise of our dear departed brother and Chairman Emeritus Bradley Roberts.
The Poet W. H. Auden responded to death this way:

Stop all the clocks… and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

We in the PLP as an institution are reeling. It’s been a week now and still it has not quite sunk in: that powerful, roaring voice, the overarching protector of everything PLP for over four decades is silent, stilled.

Like all good Bahamians as soon as I heard the news I rushed to join the widow Roberts and her family at the house. There was the hungry press at the gate. The police stood guard. The hearse was there. The other police were inside with their pads doing their efficient formal work. The rituals of departure from this life to the next. Mrs. Roberts was stunned like we all were. She had just spoken to him and now there was silence.

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