Mitchell Visits The London Diplomatic Academy

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The Foreign Minister meeting at the London Academy of Diplomacy on 22 July from left: Charles Chatterhee, Professor London Academy of Diplomacy, Roger McNally, Professor at London Academy of Diplomacy Desmond Taylor, Bahamas Foreign Services, Dr. Joseph Mifsud, Professor and Director of the Academy, the Minister, FAS Frank Davis, FSO Tyson McKenzie and FSO Marchea Mackey.  

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The Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell met at the Bahamas High Commissioner with Rudi Guruziu International Business Diplomacy Exchange (far left) and with Dr. Joseph Mifsud, head of the London Diplomatic Academy on 22 July.


The Bahamas delegation at Gray’s Inn from left:  Dr. Joseph Mifsud, Director of the London Academy of Diplomacy, Nagi Idris, Director of London Centre For International Law Practice, Minister Mitchell, Peter Dovey, Director at the London Centre for International Law Practice, High Commissioner Ed Bethel.  At the back FAS Frank Davis and FSO Tyson McKenzie.