Mitchell Welcomes The Boundary Changes

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18 February 2017

The following statement was issued by Fred Mitchell MP for Fox Hill in response to the new boundaries for the Fox Hill constituency:

On behalf of the Fox Hill people, I warmly and enthusiastically welcome the new boundary lines for Fox Hill.  I have tried to be a good servant for all people within the Fox Hill constituency wherever the lines were drawn.  I am sad to leave those people with whom I have worked over the last 15 years.  I will certainly try to introduce the new representative for the PLP in the areas which now change into new constituencies.

However, the point, I wish to make is that in 1997, the Constituencies Commission under the Free National Movement deliberately and with malice aforethought with regard to my political career removed two polling divisions from  Fox Hill and put them into  the Montagu Constituency and then St Anne’s.  The FNM did this knowing that the homogenous nature of Fox Hill, its African heritage and the village itself required that the constituency remain whole with those two polling divisions in it.  Congo Town was removed from Fox Hill.  Despite pleadings to the then Prime Minister, the FNM refused to make Fox Hill whole.  I promised the people of Fox Hill that I would do my best to make Fox Hill whole again.  I hope this newest development which sees Fox Hill restored in whole is a welcome development for the people of Fox Hill.  I look forward to representing all of the people of Fox Hill.