Money Laundering Case Against PLPs Dismissed By The Magistrate

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29 March 2019

The Attorney General doesn’t have egg on his face only because he has the Director of Public Prosecutions to blame.  Of course, we don’t believe for one minute that the decision to prosecute was that of the lowly public servant, the so called independent Director of Public Prosecutions.  This is all FNMs pushing the judiciary to get at PLPs.  Anyway, in the latest chapter of the travesty the Magistrate Ambrose Armbrister decided that he did not have the jurisdiction to hear the cases of money laundering against the accused and therefore dismissed all the charges and told four of them they were free to go. The Crown was pissed and immediately launched an appeal. In a lengthy press statement, they said that the Magistrate got it wrong.  There is no limit on the money laundering offences because it is an indictable offence, notwithstanding that it is triable either way.  Also, the Magistrate forgot to check the Interpretation and General Clauses Act which says that even though an act is repealed, certain of the provisions survive the repeal.  The Crown says they are going to the Court of Appeal to set this right.  In the meantime, Chris Symonette and the others who are being persecuted by this FNM government are free.