Moody’s Downgrades The Bahamas: Why Should We Vote FNM Again?

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So what has the FNM to boast about when the general election comes about?  They boasted that there was corruption.  So far all the cases have collapsed.  Then they said they would control the deficit? Well the defects are the largest in the history of the country.  Then they said they cut down on borrowing.  Now they have borrowed more than any other previous government combined in their three years. Then they said they would attract investors.  Not one single one.  They would create jobs.  There is higher unemployment than ever and all the hotels are closed. They also said that the PLP allowed there to be downgrades of creditworthiness by the international ratings agencies.  Well guess what we were just downgraded under them last week and the outlook is negative.  They said they would grow the economy, instead the economy is going to shrink by 8 per cent this year. So what was that about voting for them again?