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The Bahamas is now officially at junk bond status in the international credit markets.  It makes it more expensive for The Bahamas to borrow money on the international market.  Ordinarily this should not be a big deal because given the Covid 19 crisis, everyone knows what time it is.  However, we can’t help but gloat.  The FNM deserves the thumb in the eye on this one.  They came to office, lying their way to office.  Blamed the PLP for the down grade of the  creditworthiness during the PLP’s term, all attributable to forces of nature in the form of two hurricanes. Despite that they campaigned that they would lower the deficit, the national debt and  bring in fiscal responsibility.  God had other plans. He wrecked their economy, with Covid 19 and Hurricane Dorian. There  is a Jonah on board said Senator Fred Mitchell in the Senate on Thursday 25 June 2020;  throw the Jonah over aboard and perhaps the waters will be calmed.  The announcement of Moody’s predicted the country’s debt burden could hit 85 percent of GDP by June 2021 as it lowered the country’s credit rating two notches from Baa3 to Ba2 with a negative outlook.  It is pity we all have to suffer for the mismanagement of the FNM and their lies.