More Slaughter On Bahamian Streets

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Albert Rahming dead

Mario Bain dead

All week the news has been bad on the murder front: is it 90 or 91 homicides now.  After a break during two periods in the year, the month of July and in the aftermath of the hurricane, the slaughter has begun again.  There does not appear to be a pattern, except randomness.  One of the most horrendous and eye raising Albert Rahming, businessman and owner of Via Café on Bay Street and a well-known body builder, killed in a car and found  on Montague Beach ramp brutally slaughtered.  Then on Friday night 18 November a youngster 21 the end of the latest killing spree of about four in a row Mario Bain of Yellow Elder said in some social media reports to be a material witness to a murder.  It’s almost these days like the details don’t matter. It keeps happening and the question is still why and what can we do about the randomness of all of this murder and mayhem.  Bahamians still feel unsafe.  The timing seemed a little off but the Catholic Bishop of The Bahamas Patrick Pinder issued a statement saying that The Bahamas should abolish the death penalty because it doesn’t work.  That is true but Leslie Miller, the MP for Tall Pines, was furious and asked him in not so polite terms whether his head was good.