Mother Pratt To Be Honoured

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(From The Tribune)


Tribune Staff Reporter

FORMER Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia “Mother” Pratt is adding another international accolade to the list with a guest feature on the Vera Moore Show. 

Ms. Moore, a former actress turned cosmetics CEO, travelled to The Bahamas to meet Mrs Pratt and use her platform to tell the former politician’s story of rising from the inner-city to become the first woman deputy prime minister.

Friends, constituents and politicians all showed their support for Mrs Pratt by attending a press conference at Pat’s Senior Citizens Home yesterday. 

 “I’m an ordinary woman, I have the titles and all of that but those are words to me,” Mrs Pratt said.  

 “Many people have titles, but they’ve made no impact on another person. There is not one person that they can say they’ve helped up the path. It’s all about them.”

Mrs Pratt said: “God has given me the opportunity to sit with kings and queens, to the highest of high and (stay) in penthouses but when I look at all of this…Ecclesiastes says it is all vanity meaningless. If I can’t touch a life then I would have failed, the titles wouldn’t mean a thing so we must leave a legacy. 

 “I want this country to understand that we may be a chain of islands small, but God is in control of this Bahama land and the people have demonstrated that over the years. 

 “We even have in our constitution we are a Christian nation. It is rare because normally governments don’t do that but that is what we say as a people,” she continued. 

Mrs Pratt said while she did not know it, God has been preparing her for years to become the “voice of the poor”.

She said: “I came up through the ropes knowing you better survive because there is no food tonight. I tell my story all the time so the masses in there will know there is still hope. 

 “The God that raised me from the gutter to the top is the same God that exist today so we can’t be ashamed to talk about our life and where God has brought us from. 

 “I still live in the inner city yes I still live among the people. I’m often criticised for still remaining there, I’ve been asked negative questions but listen this is my request I can sell out and move. Why would I do that to please you? I’m to please my God first then myself.” 

She added: “The people are my life and I’ve represented them in the House of Parliament. If I wanted to remain in politics I can run today and win but, I have no desire. I finished my 15 years and I want to move on to higher heights, but the people still have confidence in me because they know I’ll be the voice of the poor and they can’t shut me up. This is a miracle from God that (Vera) is here and I had no idea this would happen.” 

Ms Moore, a talk show host, said she didn’t know “Mother” Pratt beforehand, but God brought them together.

She said: “Why we started the Vera Moore Show…my mantra has always been economic empowerment, leadership. When Timothy told me about Mother Pratt, I wanted to take time out and meet this lady. I did and I wanted to because I could learn so much from her. She’s a leader…you acknowledge her, you honor her, respect her and she’ll guide you and lead you.” 

Glenys Hanna-Martin, Englerston MP, yesterday commended Mrs Pratt for staying true to her background.

Mrs Hanna Martin said: “Mother Pratt never forgot where she came from. She said it’s not where you start but where you end up. Mother Pratt’s life has reflected that…and you’ve seen it in her work in politics, sports, and national security. 

 “Mother Pratt is a celebrated personality in this country, and I think her story resonates anywhere. She was able to mentor so many people and she hustled many scholarships.”