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Motor Mouth Dionysio D’Aguilar, Minister of Tourism with his Parliamentary Secretary Travis Robinson MP and the Director of General Of Tourism Joy Jribulu.


Dionysio D’Aguilar is so full of chutzpah and is so thrilled at this new 66,000 dollar year job that he has got as Minister of Tourism that he simply can’t stop talking.  As a matter of fact, all of these new FNM Ministers would do well to just shut the eff up.  Have you ever seen a bunch of folk who simply talk gossip and news about their predecessors as a substitute for governing?  Anyway, Mr. D’Aguilar claimed that the former administration intervened to help a PLP friend of the former Prime Minister to get away with writing off over a million dollars of back rent to NAD the company that manages the airport.  He also said that a consultant got a million dollars from the Ministry of Tourism and he can’t figure what they got paid to do.  Turns out that the story on NAD is quite different from what he said it was.  He claimed that the Board had been fired for allowing the write off.  Turns out that the Airport Authority Board who he said had been fired had nothing to do with it.  The Board of NAD is a completely different entity.  The facts are the Board of the Airport Authority were all asked to stay on in their jobs until the 30th June.  They all turned in their resignations but were asked to stay on.  In any event, the “rent” which they said was owed was in fact in dispute and most of what was owed was accumulated interest which people who are inspired often write off.  So no corruption and big surprise there.   But we should ask him if there is a cigar maker at the airport who may be in the same position with regard to rent.  Do you think Motor Mouth D’Aguilar will be as zealous when it comes to that?