MP South Eleuthera Embarrasses Himself | Monday 16 December 2019

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Hank Johnson was a man possessed.  He was upset because Fred Mitchell, the Chairman of the PLP, was in his constituency and sent out a voice note explaining how an MP, unamend, had directed the executives of a foreign company not to stay at a business establishment owned by PLPs and not to eat at their restaurant.  Mr. Johnson confronted Mr. Mitchell in the airport at Governor’s Harbour, cursing like a man o war sailor.  But  Mr. Johnson did not reckon on Mr. Mitchell who has a creed taught to him by the late George Mackey: “ Not only one woman born a  crazy child; and if you can play crazy I can play crazy too.”  Mr. Johnson claimed that Mr. Mitchell was talking shit. Mr. Mitchell told him: “ Well you need to stop talking shit.” There it is.