Mr. Two Passports Frankie Campbell Social Services Minister

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Tribune file photo 5 October 2017

Another one of the precious moments from the Budget Debate.  Frederick Macalpine did quite a good job in the debate and did quite a hatchet job on his colleagues in the FNM. So the  strategy of the FNM with Mr. Macalpine is to interrupt him at every turn with heckling and frivolous points of contention and  baseless points of order. If the Speaker Halson Moultrie were in the House, he would have allowed them to interrupt at will.  Fortunately for Mr. Macalpine, the Deputy Speaker Don Saunders was in the Chair and  kept is all to a minimum.  One exchange was priceless, the exchange between the Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar and Mr. Macalpine.  The Tourism Minister said he stopped his car and returned to the house to correct the record ( read put Mr. Macalpine in his place) that Mr. Macalpine had said that non Bahamians got a free ride home on Bahamasair.  If this were  Family Feud, the buzzer would have gone off.  Mr. Macalpine told him, if you had listened to what I had said, you would have known I was talking about the repatriation of refugees on Bahamasair free of charge, yet Bahamians stuck overseas with no money had to pay to come home.  You could have heard a pin drop, the FNM was so shame.  But not to be outdone, Frankie Campbell, the Minister of Social Services chimed in some sarcastic comment from the sidelines.  Mr. Macalpine responded: “Mr. Two Passport! I do”.  Oh he got stoked. The two passports reference is to the time when Mr. Campbell was challenged  about his nationality and a statement he made on radio about holding more than one passport, he showed his red diplomatic passport and  regular Bahamian passport. But a stoke is a stoke.  He must be too shame.