Murder is Down Says The Government… so crime is down. SMT

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There was a healthy debate in the country (not) about whether or not the stats for murders were 84 or 86.  Such is the foolishness about which we argue in this country that is simply awash in too much violence with no end in sight.  The police are taking credit for the fact that this is the first time since 2010 that murders have been below 100 for the year if things go as they had planned.  That is small comfort to the victims of the latest crimes when 4 people, two at time were gunned down.  Both seemed tit for tat hits having to do with drugs.  One even suggested that a hit was arranged from a prison cell. Yet the fact that crime is down because the murder count is down and under 100 this year so far, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis ran to the press to say that people no longer feared crime in the country.  This directly contradicted what the people in the Jubilee Gardens neighbourhood said following the death of the two people gunned down with no prospect of getting those who did it. What was comical was Dr. Duane Sands, Minister of Health, always missing in action, said that security arrangements at Sandilands Hospital where a young woman and her boyfriend were gunned down and killed in a  hail of bullets as he left  physio therapy from a previous gun inflicted injury, would be reviewed and presumably overhauled   But do we remember when gunmen stormed the Prince Margaret Hospital and killed Nurse Joey Lunn.  Was that not supposed to have caused a security overhaul and review? This country is something else. Nurse Lunn is dead and gone and nothing has changed. Worse when the Minister said it, no one even remembered or call her name.