Myles Munroe’s Followers Remember Him

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sildenafil pharm times;”>Wayne Neely, illness the met forecaster, who has been in the news of late contradicting the Minister of Transport, shows his softer side in this tribute to the late Rev. Dr. Myles Munroe who was killed along with the entire leadership of his church in a plane crash at 6 p m on 9th November last year.  The building that housed the church of Bahamas Faith Mission is to be renamed Myles Munroe Centre: 

Exactly one year ago at 6pm, I got one of the most devastating news in my life, and it was the death of my senior pastor Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife Ruth, his assistant pastor Richard Pinder and others when their plane crashed in Grand Bahama. I remember it so well because I was working the 2pm to 10pm shift and the Crash investigator Mr. Major at 6pm came into the office and said a plane had just crashed in Grand Bahama and requested a ‘airplane crash weather report.’ I prepared it for him and took it next door to him. While there he was talking on a radio with a person in Grand Bahama Civil Aviation Department requesting the names of the persons who died in the crash and the first name that came over the intercom from this person in Grand Bahama was Dr. Myles Munroe. That was followed by the other victims including his wife and assistant pastor and my heart sunk as I said OMG and asked Mr. Major if pastor Myles was on that flight and is he dead and he answered yes to both questions. 

I then went back to my office and was in a state of shock for several hours but was so busy with all the calls coming that I never got a chance to grieve or fathom the repercussions of this devastating news but when I went home I cried my eyes out. If it wasn’t for him I would not have written 10 books on hurricanes and every time I gave him a signed first copy of my book. He would hug me and either say “Thank you my son I am so proud of you” or “Thank you professor I will read it on the way to South Africa.” His teachings focused my life and the path I should follow. Today, you google any of my books and you will see that they are sold all over the world and many colleges and universities use my books as required text books (something I still don’t understand because a lot of books are mainly focused on Bahamian history and storms but I simply smile and say ‘its God favor on my life.)’…RIP you are truly missed!