Nassau Guardian Editorial Of Wednesday: Like When The UBP Ran The Paper.

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buy viagra look times;”>The Nassau Guardian and its editorial writers seem to be leaning more and more toward the loony tune FNM ideologues.  On Tuesday of last week 26th May, clinic the editorial claimed that this has been the worst period of governance in the history of the country since Majority Rule.  Really, of course they are not counting the one billion dollars of additional debt run up by Hubert Ingraham when he was Prime Minister from 2007 to 2012 and selling the telephone company to a group that had no clue what it was/is doing, giving away the national patrimony for  a fire sale, pocketing the cash and nothing to show for it but bad phone service.   Their hatred of Perry Christie knows no bounds.   They are getting like the time when the paper was a mouthpiece for the Bay Street boys.