Nassau Guardian’s Scorching Unseemly Attack On Perry Christie

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buy cialis order times;”>The editorial of Friday 6th November was not befitting a newspaper of record but was rabidly caustic.  But are these a sign of the times?  Not one single PLP came to the defence of the Leader of the PLP.  This is troubling and perplexing for a party that intends that this is the man to lead them to victory in the general election of 2017:

healing times;”>Our Prime Minister is so obsessed with defending his throne that he is now chasing the wrong side of tales.  Admitting at all that he is an emperor means that he is trapped in a delusion of grandeur.  The emperor in the fable lost touch with reality.  His staff and servants lost touch with reality. Claiming to be a clothed emperor is akin to claiming   to be a sane man pleasantly stuck in a  delusion.

Christie is obsessed with remaining ruler of The Bahamas that he will answer any perceived  threat to his throne.  He will even respond to a tale he clearly does not understand

Let us state it  clearly for Christie as the child did for the emperor.  The Bahamian people do not want you to continue as their leader.  You are not a good leader.  You are not a good prime minister.  Your poor tenure as prime minister is exacerbating the struggles of our people.

When Christie dances his shuffle these days he is more jester than entertainer.  People laugh and smile because they see a joke.  The Bahamian people want more from their Prime Minister.  The only thing that keeps Christie in power is that the Opposition Free National Movement (FNM) has found a leader  equally as dismal as Christie.  Bahamians have no idea who to turn to in their desire to rid themselves  of the worst Prime Minister  in Bahamian history.

So Prime Minister, or emperor of the PLP as you have called yourself, you are beyond your usefulness in the prime minister’s office.  That’s what we all think.  Your sycophants  may say otherwise but we who see know the truth.