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The PLP stands to be warned as of today.  Do not fall into the trap of various other elites in history who dismiss, these small and splinter groups and say ignore them because no one is going to pay attention.  The problem is history is replete with the examples of those elites who do that and end up out of power.

The most obvious examples has to be the displacement of the Shah of Iran by the  man with a beard sitting in a tent and using and outside toilet called the Ayatollah Khomeini back in 1979.

So we use that as the starting point on the Coalition of Independents who we call the Coalition of Idiots.  PLP supporters must be warned that these are duncey, thieving , lying, cheating , no count dunceys. They must be stopped and rejected at every turn.  They must be treated as if they are a cancer on the body politic and have to  be excised.  Do not give one quarter to them,

Last week rearing his pretty head was Branville McCartney.  He gives the advice that the PLP is stopping the press from doing its job.  But we think his showing up should give memory to the fact that he caused the FNM to lose the election in 2012.  He split the FNM vote and Hubert Ingraham was gone.

The evidence is that COI is stealing PLP voters.  We cannot afford for this to happen in the next general election with such a finely balanced electorate.

The COI is financed by the FNM to cause  just such destruction.  As we said in the beginning so now say in the end: the PLP is warned.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 23 September 2023 up to midnight: 359,038;

Number of hits for the month of September up to Saturday 23 September 2023 up to midnight: 1,216,600;

Number of hits for the year 2023 up to Saturday 23 September 2023 up to midnight: 16,214,494;