National Health Insurance Begins

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Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell being registered for NHI today 24 April.

Well this time, the PLP has delivered on its promise to start National Health Insurance.  It is again perilously close to the general election.  You will remember that in 2007, National Health legislation was passed but the general election as called before its regulations could be enacted.  The FNM came along and despite voting for it in Parliament stopped, reviewed and cancelled the whole thing.  They put in place a prescription drug plan which bankrupted the entire medical benefit fund.  So here we are.  If the FNM wins, they will surely cancel again the insurance despite all the work that’s been done on it. That will be a shame.  We hope that the people of the country wise up and vote PLP and not carried away by these gangsters and flim flam men from the FNM who are trying to hoodwink us.  Up to press time over 5000 people had enrolled for NHI.