Neko Grant Resigns

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cialis buy times, serif;”>The high drama in the House of Assembly was made even more tense as Neko Grant the longest serving member of the FNM’s team in the House of Assembly rose to say that his leader no longer had confidence in him as Leader of Opposition business in the House of Assembly and so on 3rd August he was resigning that position.  It was an emotional farewell, with Mr. Grant appearing to tear up several times during the statement.  The Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis, newly triumphant after his party’s convention, sits next to Mr Grant in the House. Dr. Minnis looked the other way as Mr. Grant spoke.  He said nothing in reply.  Later Peter Turnquest the Deputy Leader of the FNM, said that he had been taken by surprise by Mr. Grant’s move.  He wishes Mr. Grant well.