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The pundits are watching to see whether the U.S. electorate and nation have taken hold of their senses and will dump this man Trump who is their President or more properly his ability to create unbridled mayhem in the world around him and at home.  The continuance is indeed a clear and preset danger to western civilization as we know it.  Well slight exaggeration but it is an abhorrent situation which now obtains and must be reined in.  Here is what the New York Times wrote on Friday 2nd November about the campaign that is being run for seats in the legislature in the United States, scheduled for Tuesday 6 November. The President of the United States Donald Trump wants to continue the unbridled power which he has exercised to the embarrassment and chagrin of many in that country and around the world.  He has been on the campaign in a dog fight.  The headline in The Times read: A BARRELL OF UNTRUTHS AS TRUMP WOOS VOTERS.  The writers said this:

“ He[ Trump] has asserted that construction has begun on his border wall (it has not), that he is one of the most popular American presidents in history ( he is not), that he “always” opposed the Iraq war ( he did not ), that the stock market reopened he day after the terrorist attacks of 11 September, 2001 ( it did not), that his tax cut as the largest in U S history ( it was not) and that the United States is the only country that guarantees citizenship to those born here [in the U.S.] ( it is not)”

We add to that the myriad foul-mouthed attacks on women and nonwhite people. The racists attacks on Barak Obama, his predecessor; the failure to denounce racism. More recently claiming that he is nationalist, which is a dog whistle for racial segregationist views. He is not a fit and proper person to lead the free world.  This is what American diplomats around the world have to defend.

There has not been an Ambassador to The Bahamas since Nicole Avant resigned way back in 2011. None for the whole time the PLP was in power from 2012 to 2017 and there is still none.  There is a litany of complaints in the relationship which have ensured which canto be solved because throughout the State Department of the U.S., acting appointments abound. No attention seems to be being paid to it.

So, we wait as we watch to see what happens on Tuesday 6th November. The prediction, we think it’s more like wishful thinking, is that the Opposition party in the U S will retake control of the lower House in America. That this will act as brake on the unbridled excesses of Mr. Trump.

Good luck to those who think so.  We predict that the Democrats will not take the lower house of the upper house.  That what we see now is America and we have get used to the new normal which Mr. Trump represents, even as we fight unflinchingly for our values.