NHI Clarifies

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viagra usa cure times;”>From the Bahamas Information Services:

thumb times;”> 29th January 2016

Clarification on media report on insured persons and households in The Bahamas.

(via the Bahamas Information Services)
“Regarding the questions surrounding the statistics published by the NHI Secretariat on the amount of persons in The Bahamas who have health insurance, there is an important distinction that the Bahamian people should be aware of. It is a fact that 47% of households in The Bahamas have someone in their household who has health insurance, as referenced by the Department of Statistics. However, it is also a fact that when evaluating on an individual basis, only 31% of all individuals in The Bahamas have health insurance, according to the Bahamas Household Expenditure Survey 2013.One of the operating principles of NHI Bahamas is that of equity – meaning everyone in a household (legal Bahamian residents) will have access to the same benefits no matter what. For more information on NHI Bahamas please visit: www.nhibahamas.gov.bs ”