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viagra buy check times;”>nburrowsPerhaps it will help this lady to understand how prejudiced and racist her comments were as published in The Tribune about Haitians last week.  Nicole Burrows clearly has a lot to learn.  In one sense it is a clever piece of writing, cialis sale sickness to write in manner that suggests on the one hand that she identifies with the fact of the hurt it causes, the stereotypes but it is too clever by half a mechanism to repeat the stereotypes and racist doggerel and try to get away with it.  It is important that it be called out.  You may click here for the full piece written in The Tribune which appeared on their website on 27th October

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. The most offensive paragraphs appear in bold in the piece marked out by our editors.  We answer them in turn:


( She says) It is not the issue that people use the word Haitian to refer to “ unattractive, dark-skinned, broad nosed , poor colourfully dressed , with a high body odour.”  ( We say) With respect, that is the issue .  Public policy of The Bahamas cannot be driven by prejudice.  It has to be generic in nature and only as restrictive and directed as is necessary to meet the harm being caused.  This uncritical assertion by Ms. Burrows is in fact reinforcing the prejudice, stereotypes and racist identifiers which cause people not to think dispassionately.  If she really identified with the hurt which she later admits to, then she ought to have condemned that prejudicial language in clear, unqualified  terms.




(She says) The inability or refusal of our government and the Haitian government to fix once and for all  the immigration problem.


(We say)Migration is a natural state of man.  The only issue is that in the era of the modern nation state it must be done in a documented fashion.  We cannot continue to have undocumented immigration from anywhere.  The problem cannot be “ fixed once and for all”.  It can only be managed and it has nothing to do with the will or ability of either government, since neither government sanctions illegal migration. Every government has tried within the resources at it command.




(She says) The discussion is centred on “ not only Haitians” but other groups when in fact it is the Haitians. (We say) Whether or not the Haitians are the main group of illegal migrants, you should not fashion public policy directed at one national group.  The policies must be generic in other words you cannot violate our own constitution by saying that you have policies which discriminate on grounds of national origin.


(She says) Chinese and Indians tend not to breed by the half dozen.  (We say)This not an intelligent and sensitive way to express this thought.  The fact is the level of child bearing or fertility is generally tied to poverty or socio economic level.  When  Haitians who come here integrate into the population, their levels of fertility are no different from the Bahamian population at large.  The fact is the economy of The Bahamas draws them here.  They are not a drain on our resources.  They help to build the country.  While they’re here, we have an obligation to ensure that they are not discriminated against but are inculcated into our values, not rejected as apart from us because they are Haitian. When a Haitian appears at the hospital, most of them are lawful migrants; they pay what is asked of them, like any other resident of The Bahamas. You may argue that we need to charge a fee for non-nationals but again that would be a generic response not aimed at any national group.




Haitians have a culture of violent aggression demonstrated by the types of crimes they commit.  When is doubt, blame the Haitians.  There is simply no evidence that the violent crimes committed in The Bahamas are from the Haitian community.


You may click here for the full statement by Ms. Burrows.