Nicole Burrows Corrupt Article In The Tribune

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Nicole Burrows Tribune Columnist who believes corruption began in 1984

viagra generic sales times;”>The Tribune has become a complete propaganda rag through its columnists.  There is a young woman Nicole Burrows who writes a weekly column on  Tuesdays.  This past week 10 November, sales she wrote on corruption in The Bahamas which she said was the life of The Bahamas and pinned it to the Commission of Inquiry report of 1984 when Lynden Pindling called a Commission to investigate the allegations of drug corruption in the government in The Bahamas. What a myopic view.  All it was done for was to feed the current anti PLP, anti-Black fever that emanates from The Tribune.  Why start there in 1984?  She could have started in 1967 and 1968.  There were two Commissions of Inquiry, one into Casino gambling and one into how Freeport was developed.  The Commissions showed systemic corruption by the United Bahamian Party Government of which Sir Roland Symonette and Sir Stafford Sands were  leading members of the Government.  Sir Stafford was the lawyer for the gambling establishment in Freeport and at the same time the Minister of Finance responsible for granting the exemption for casino gambling.   So he appeared on the one hand, collected a ginormous fee and then granted it as a member of the government.  Sir Roland is the late father of the present Brent Symonette, former FNM Deputy Prime Minister—that shining moral beacon who himself sat in several conflicts of interest while in the FNM government. No mention of that by Ms. Burrows.  Or mention of the fact that the latest allegation of corruption is one before the courts where an FNM former candidate while a member of the Bahamas Electricity Board is alleged to have accepted a 300,000 dollar bribe to get a certain piece of equipment bought for the corporation.  The money trail leads all the way up to the FNM cabinet but Ms. Burrows won’t talk about that. Then she didn’t have to go that far, because the father of the lady who she works for as a columnist Sir Etienne Dupuch was a corrupt as well.  He took 10,000 dollars from the casino interests and then changed his tune as an opponent of casino gambling.  Silence is golden. His daughter Eileen who runs the Tribune is yet another shining example of a moral beacon.  Yeah right.