Niki Kelly Talking Rubbish As Usual

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There are three ladies or in journalism who are the usual suspects when it comes to the anti-Fred Mitchell creed.  They’re Eileen Carron, Niki Kelly and Candia Dames.  The first two are critics and detractors from time immemorial (not quite the year 1066 but close enough).  Candia Dames practices a special kind of journalistic wickedness which is in a category all its own.  So when the younger ones of the PLP get upset that these folk weigh in on things that Fred Mitchell has said or done, do not be discouraged or dissuaded or sag in any way.  Ignore it. They are simply doing what they have always done.  They are anti PLP and Fred Mitchell becomes the lightning rod for every ill imaginable.  Last week Ms. Kelly who used to be a friend of the late Cyril Stevenson, one of the founders of the PLP, wrote in her column in The Punch that Fred Mitchell was a political liability to the PLP.  She is talking about someone who has won his seat three times and helped the PLP win two governments.  So the objective evidence of her assertion is simply not there.  That however is her opinion and she is entitled to it.  What they’re not entitled to do is rewrite history.  The voice note that so many people are exercised about that was sent by Mr. Mitchell to his PLP Fox Hill branch and which found its way into the public domain was a note for PLPs.  Mr. Mitchell said do not go on the march.  He was correct.  The March was an FNM invention.  Ms. Kelly and the critics are dredging up all the old pictures and history about Mr. Mitchell burning the constitution and marching for Mandela and seeking to say that he is now stepping back from his legacy of protest.  First Mr. Mitchell is today the establishment and he is bound to defend it.  Secondly, it is the height of hypocrisy for these people to present to these young ones today that somehow that was the glory period of Fred Mitchell with which they all agreed.  In fact, if one goes back, you will see that these same Eileen Carron, Niki Kelly types criticised Mr. Mitchell in the same way in that period. He didn’t know what he was doing.  He was a liability.  So in sum Niki Kelly should sit down and keep small.  After all look what she is reduced to, writing in The Punch.  Some people have no shame.