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Guardian photo

Unlike his voluble and unhinged ministerial colleague, Dr. Duane Sands in the face of the finding of corrupt behavior by Magistrate Joyann Pratt in the case COP vs Frank Smith, has been pretty quiet.  Dr. Sands stands accused of offering what amounted to a bribe to the chief witness in the case, in the form of a 1.8 million dollar contract to the witness just before she testified.  We knew his quiet and keeping his counsel wouldn’t last for long.  A reporter stuck a microphone in front of his face last week and when asked whether he would comply with the demand of the PLP for him to resign his answer was: the devil is a liar.  This is of course his lame and sorry attempt to sound like he is the common man.  Dr. Sands knows nothing about scripture and so embracing those words are laughable. The fact is: he is a liar if he denies that he did not make the offer that the Magistrate found.  He ought to resign and resign forthwith. If he doesn’t resign, he ought to be dismissed.