No Equal Rights, No Nookie

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The equal rights amendments that the government proposes for the constitution have still not gotten past the house.  There is a lot of time being spent trying to please a group of male pastors who are ideologically opposed to the effort and will not give any quarter no matter what.  They are dressing up their opposition to women’s equality with men because its unfashionable to tell the truth with this nonsense about same sex marriage which is a complete red herring.  We say to the Commission, cialis sales and this is a matter around which women ought to be mobilized.  Women should not listen to these backward men who keep talking this nonsense.  They have a more powerful weapon at their disposal.  They should make it clear to their spouses at home that legs are closed officially until they vote yes  No nookie until the bills pass

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. When the bills passes, cialis sale pharmacy the legs are open again.  But given that some of these pastors don’t believe that rape is possible within marriage, you never know if that will work.