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 While every other country in the region and hemisphere is talking and transitioning to five g communications, The Bahamas is lagging along in silence. The dominant player in the market is BTC and they have an obligation to begin planning and investing in 5 G.  The regulator URCA has a responsibility to get them going on this. Both BTC and the smaller Aliv have to stop extracting and wringing profits out of the small cellular market here and get cracking on new investments. The telecommunications infrastructure in our country is deteriorating day by day.  Dropped calls; poor quality sounds and broken communication are the order of the day but no one says a thing about it. This is a shame.  The worst mistake of the Ingraham government was selling BTC.  It was a shameless giveaway with no benefit to the Bahamian public. The news is that after significant layoffs, the company plans to lay people off again and get this sell the BTC Building.  All its about is taking the cash and running with it.