No More Saturday Tribune—Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

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buy cialis cialis sale times;”>There was this long tortuous editorial in The Tribune on Monday 5th January.  It gave a long story about how people used to buy The Tribune every day and they lined up particularly on Saturday. Then the reading day became Thursdays because of the obituaries.  Then the reading habits changed said the editorial and readers were no longer interested in Saturday.  They started a tabloid called The Big T on Saturdays thinking that would help the Saturday sales.  The short end of the long story is that the Saturday paper turned out to be a big bust.  The Tribune and Eileen Carron confirmed last Monday what we all have known, troche The Tribune is a failing publication, diagnosis a dinosaur like its owner Eileen Carron.  No one reads the darn thing so they have had to abandon Saturday papers and we predict it’s only a matter of time before they have to abandon it all together.  Not a moment too soon.   Eileen Carron has been a dinosaur for years, now the Tribune has caught up.  No more Saturday papers

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. No one reads it.  Soon there will be no more Tribune.  The people at keep saying that both the Guardian and The Tribune, the two dailies are  “ wutless media”; that piles of papers simply sit in the stores every day reflecting the fact that no one buys papers.  The Tribune says its Saturday paper is going to be available only on line from now on.