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The story is that Carl Culmer, the Chairman of the FNM, is about to get dumped by the party. The rank and file and some of the leadership thinks he is a dull as nails and certainly as thick as a concrete block. Despite the denunciations of his intellect, Mr. Culmer just keeps on coming with one bit of nonsense and non sequiturs after the next.

So last week with hundreds of well-organized protestors in the streets on Wednesday 21 November, with them saying Minis had to go to the point where the Prime Minister was run off Bay Street; where eighteen months into its term the FNM is an unpopular Government, Mr. Culmer claimed that the demonstration was a failure and it was a failure because it was led and organized by the PLP.

Except that is a lie.  The demonstration was not a PLP demo.  It was a group of concerned citizens, some of whom may have been PLP, who were simply fed up with the performance of the Government.  It mainly circulated around the high electricity bills which people will face just before Christmas. Bills have increased as much as 70 per cent.


The government is trying all kinds of devices to hide the problem: by raising the ceiling on vat exemptions for power bills from $200 to $300 and then they say they will change the disconnections policies.  All of that is of no help to the underlying problems of mismanagement by BPL and the inability to articulate a plan for a secure and cheap energy future in The Bahamas.

Mr. Culmer was answered by PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell who reminded him how the FNM created a fiction in and around Ranard Hanfield who is now one of their senators.  He put together a group before the general election and said they were independent but all the time they were FNM and the proof of the pudding was Dr. Hubert Minnis was marching in their midst.   So, Mr. Culmer can hardly complain if someone was copying their model.

The issue Mr. Mitchell said was this.  The PLP is not ready to pull out all the stops on the FNM. When the PLP gets ready to do so and wants to pull the trigger, there is noting that can be done to stop the PLP from swamping the House of Assembly.  And no policeman would dare raise their hands to do anything about it.

Carl Culmer is a good example of what the FNM is right now.  They are lost in space.  They have no plan.  They cannot govern.  What they are expert at is: blaming the PLP for all their woes.

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