No Water In The House And In The Town

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discount viagra cure times;”>The House of Assembly was forced to shut down early, purchase and cut short its debate on the Petroleum Bill because there was no water in the House of Assembly.  In fact there was no water in New Providence for a good part of Thursday 17th December and up to Friday morning 18th December at 5 a.m.  The reason is that there was a serious break in a water main of the Water and Sewerage Corporation leaving the entire town without water for the long period.  The Corporation later said that there was some defect when the original work for a major point in the system when it was originally installed.  They have made a temporary patch but some long term solution will come later.   So: bad telephone connections, no power, now no water.  You see the narrative.  House of Assembly will resume its deliberations on Monday 21 December.  There was a lot of barracks humour when the water failed in the House.  One member suggested that since the toilets couldn’t flush, an intrepid member could rise to his feet and say: Mr. Speaker. “I regret to report that the House is full of shit!”