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You remember when Peter Turnquest at the height of his power as Minister of Finance in the House of Assembly last month got up and ridiculed Picewell Forbes saying that he was not surprised at Mr. Forbes because he did not expect him to be able to understand figures.  Even the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis called Mr. Forbes so say he just couldn’t understand the nastiness of the comment.  Well look who is down on his ass ow.

Last week we carried a report here and headlined it the Collapse of Peter Turnquest.  We turned out to be right. It was not something that a smart man needed to figure out.  The blind deaf and dumb could see. The only person who could not see was Peter Turnquest.

So he turns up to work on Tuesday 24 November 2020 and as he faced the press scrum and they ask him in the face of all the stories from The Punch to The Tribune and the pressure from the PLP how it was going.  His answer was that he was doing his work and not paying attention to the noise.

He was like Papa Doc’s son Jean Claude Duvalier in Haiti who declared in the face of armed rebellion that he was as strong as a monkey’s tail but the next week he was on the plane to Paris into ignominious exile. 

So now Peter Turnquest has been undone by allegations that he defrauded a foreign investor of 27 million dollars. The charges filed by Michael Scott , the Chairman of the Hotel Corporation. Mr. Scott himself is almost certainly in violation of the Bar Rules on conflict of interest. He should go as well.

He should go also because the Lucayan Deal in Grand Bahama which he is charge of has fallen apart. It ain’t gonna happen.

There is chaos and confusion everywhere with this  FNM Government but they continue going blithely on as if nothing’s happened.  Dr, Minnis was down in Exuma cutting a ribbon for a new dock and then visiting the   new asphalt plant there, and announcing the new  airport.  Then he said he was going down to Cat Island to contemplate who would be the new Misner of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.  Our bet is on Desmond Bannister.

Matters not, they do not have much time left.