On Donald Trump

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viagra sales see times;”>Description: C:UsersAdministratorDownloadsIMG-20160304-WA0037 (1).jpg 
viagra cure times;”>The fight for the nomination, the right to run for President of the United States, got really ugly last week on the public platform what with Senator Marco Rubio of the Republicans, calling their front runner Donald Trump, the billionaire, a fraud and a phony.  This was followed up with the comment that Donald Trump had really small hands and he added “you know what they say if you have small hands”.  Donald Trump not to be outdone, who had earlier called his opponent Senator Ted Cruz a pussy from the platform, told his crowd that they could look at his hands and see that he did not have a small penis.  So that is what is passing for a fight on policy.  The public and the press are loving it.  Mitt Romney, the candidate for the Republicans defeated by Barack Obama, now President, weighed in and called Mr. Trump a phony and fraud and a con man.  Meanwhile on the Democratic Party side, while Hilary Clinton appears to have solidified herself as the clear front runner, looming over her is the possibility of her being indicted for using a private server for her e mails while Secretary of State.  The United States is a weird country and they want to lecture us on democracy and on the rule of law and what else oh yes our ethics and morality in public life.  A country whose President slept with an intern in the official residence complete with putting a cigar up a certain part of her anatomy and the girl herself keeping the dress where the presidential semen was contained.  Can you dream this stuff up.  Someone circulated the meme with some thoughts from Her Majesty The Queen to her favorite secret agent James Bond.