Only Half The Parents Show Up To Get The Fast Food Vouchers

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So last Wednesday 25 March 2020, the Ministry of Education made a big flourish by calling all students who were on the lunch assistance programme in the public schools to come get food vouchers, good for two weeks and free of charge. The Minister Jeffery Lloyd was very proud of this one and was touting it all over the radio.  Except on the day in question, the students fifty per cent of them or their parents forgot to show up. Wonder why? Could it be that the news did not get to them? Or that these confusing regulations at shutting down the country kept people at home? The Minister says that he will repeat the exercise on Monday 30 March 2020 but you will have to go the ministry’s headquarters to get them.  Here’s the issue though, these are not vouchers to go get groceries but vouchers to go to fast food places like Popeye’s, KFC and Marcos Pizza.  So much for the Minister of Health and his healthy diet initiative. Oh yeah we forget the C0vid 19 virus covers a multitude of sins.