Opposition Spokesman On Foreign Affairs Backs Mitchell

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discount cialis buy times;”>fm_chippmanOpposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs Hubert Chipman had this to say about the call of Daphne Campbell, recipe the Florida legislator to boycott The Bahamas.  He spoke to The Tribune’s Nico Scavella.  The story was published on 12th November.

“When the Dominican Republic the other day deported all the Haitians, I didn’t hear the outcry that we’re hearing now, and for Campbell to go ahead and talk about boycotting the Bahamas she is totally out of order,” he said. “The question is, has she ever been to the Bahamas? Does she know the conditions that the illegal immigrants live under? So I think it’s an unfair statement she made.

 “And to threaten us? Nobody takes a threat lightly, I will tell you that. I personally do not take a threat lightly. To talk about Florida, look what Bahamians do for the Florida economy. Billions of dollars are pumped into that on a daily basis. But the thing is, we can’t go to Florida or any state for that matter, take up residence, and say ‘Oh, I’m here, I reach. There’s hard times in the Bahamas so I need to stay here’.

 “The Minister as far as I’m concerned, he’s trying to defend the Bahamas, and rightly so,” he added. “Only those who feels it knows it. (Mrs Campbell) can sit outside the country and can throw any type of blow, but she doesn’t live it. We’ve been going through this for the last 40, 50 years. We cannot continue

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. All we’re trying to do is enforce the laws.”