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Acting Deputy Commissioner Of Police Paul Rolle

(Editor’s Note: the first the country heard of it was when the Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson sent out a notice to announce that there was a new Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police.  The man they chose was Paul Rolle who led the charge against PLPs in the Force to send them to jail: former Ministers Ken Dorsett, Shane Gibson, former Senator Frank Smith and latterly former Urban Renewal employee Michelle Wreckly. He is rewarded now with a promotion to Deputy Commissioner. Only one thing: article 119 of the constitution says the Prime Minister has to consult with the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis. Mr. Davis said the Prime Minister did not follow the law.)
Statement From The Leader Of The Opposition

On Appointment of Acting Deputy Commissioner Of Police

For Immediate Release

3 May 2019

It has been brought to my attention that a public notice is circulating purportedly signed by the Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson that indicated the appointment by the Governor General of an Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police.  The announcement says that the appointment was made after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.  Please be advised that no one consulted me at any time on this appointment.