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Photo image from The Guardian of London in New York on 11 September 2021

So on Saturday 11 September 2021, the Americans marked the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York. Like many of the generation of Jack Kennedy, they remember where they were the day the airplanes struck the World Trade Centre.  Twenty years later, while the ceremonies still go on, memories begin to fade.  The U S President Joe Biden decided he had enough of what that event had wrought.  Their country went into Afghanistan which was the death of the British and the Soviets  just before the U.S.  It turned out to be  a graveyard for the U S.  They went into Iraq, mainly on false intelligence and a false pretext.  It was a graveyard for them again. So now what?  It is difficult to stop a war machine and no doubt within months there will be another conflict which will feed the machine.  However, we think that Joe Biden has gotten a bad break on this whole matter, dealt a bad hand and is doing the best he can with a bad hand on this Afghanistan matter.  Too many people have died, been maimed, including the innocent civilians of  Pakistan and Afghanistan populations by this war machine.  It is really time to give peace a chance. The events  in September 20 years ago should remind us that freedom is not free and that while we think we are doing good in the world and we are safe very much thank you, people are suffering from delusions in some cases but from tragic deprivation.  The swords need to be turned into plough shares.