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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis had just returned from his foreign trip, the heady atmosphere of state craft with the Heads of Government of CARICOM down in Barbados.  So as he lands and does his press conference, the press asks him about his expenditure on travel. Testy, testy. The Prime Minister exploded when they asked him about the 100 dollar allowance for spouses on official travel. He  said “ you worried bout 100 dollars”. That will haunt him from now until the general election. He has conveniently forgotten that it was the FNM who made all the noise about the expense of travel, now the chickens have come home to roost. In a real sense the arguments about it are ridiculous but the FNM stupidly promoted this nonsense when they were in opposition so they should get their asses rightly kicked for being so stupid.  The Prime Minister painstakingly explained how archaic the payment systems of The Bahamas government are. We agree to but when the PLP was arguing the same point, the FNM ridiculed the government and gave no support to fixing the payments systems. So good for him. The public was having none of it and went after the Prime Minister for dismissing 100 dollars as if it were nothing. If you came to Fox Hill, you will find people sitting down waiting for hours just to get one 50 dollar voucher which is their food allowance for the month.  So one hundred dollars may nothing to him but  well we shall see.