P J Patterson Calls For Multilateral Approach

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In a statement issued by the P J Patterson Centre for Africa- Caribbean Policy Advocacy on 22 April 2020, former Prime Minister of Jamaica P.J. Patterson   called upon Africa and the Caribbean to work together on the Covid 19 pandemic.  Mr. Patterson said that there was an international solution to the problem. He called for a dialogue to take place at the Heads of Government level between the African Union and CARICOM to ensure the coordination of policy measures.  His list included looking at the availability of water, attention to food, the development of the agricultural sector, protecting human rights and the well being of the poorest and most vulnerable groups and countries, placing greater emphasis on  the integration of science and technology in their educational systems to support on-line learning, cancellation of all debt for the poorer countries, lobbying on behalf of middle income countries for the restructuring of debt, renewing the international campaign for reparative justice against the enslavement of African people  and its residual consequences on affected populations in the Diaspora