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The Co-Chairs Bishop Simeon Hall and Quinton McCartney present the interim report on smoking weed. 21 January 2020. Photo by Ahvia J Campbell of the Nassau Guardian.

There is a word which best describes the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.  That word is craven.  He is worse than the Republican Senators that are defending Donald Trump’s unlawful behaviour in the United States.  What it means is that Hubert Minnis will do anything to stay in power, even allow Rupert Roberts to sell plastic bags imported at one cent and then sell them to the public at 25 cents. But we digress. The Prime Minister said upon receiving the Marijuana Commission’s interim report that he is in favour of decriminalizing small amounts of weed and that he is also in favour of releasing those in prison who were convicted of simple possession of small amounts of weed. Philip Davis, the Leader of the Opposition, pointed out quite quickly that the Prime Minister has the authority right now to release everyone in prison for a reason or no reason at all. So that was mere puffery. Then it was pointed out to the dear Prime Minister that most people convicted of simple possession don’t go to jail anyway. The system has already found a way to get around the silliness of the law.