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cialis shop times;”>It seems like each week there is one greater outrage than the week before.  Just as people were getting over the shock of the death of Deangelo Bethel, viagra the businessman in Fox Hill, came the news that some people tried to rob Pastor Rex Major.  Now who the hell would want to do that. The man has served this country in peace and quiet all his life. He has spoken of love.  Here we go again. He is gun butted, the women in the room threatened with rape.  We can’t believe that his daughter Jewel who is a saint of the first order, an attorney with the Attorney General, a worker for justice should be made to undergo this ordeal and her dear mother Doreen.   Jesus take the wheel.  This alleged to have happened in his home in Twynam, which abuts the Kemp Road neighbourhood on  14th  January. Police have one suspect in custody we are advised.  We wish the family well.  National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage visited with the family the next day.