Patterson And The Christian Council Are Lost

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best viagra health times;”>So now all the FNMs have weighed on the Carnival.  Basically we get the idea: the FNM and its supporters do not support the Carnival.  Not because it’s a bad idea but because the PLP thought it up.  The objections are all red herrings.  The latest to weigh in is Rev. Ranford Patterson, viagra canada the head of the intrepid, anti-gay, anti-gambling Christian Council.  This time they are anti the Carnival , on religious grounds of course.  Rev Patterson said that he witnessed gyrating in public.  Oh my God.  You did?  He thought that this was really bad form and that it was not what Bahamians are as a people.  What was that that Stevie S sang: “ Shake your head and wind ya bungy”.  Rev. Patterson is lost.  His head is in the sand.  The Carnival was great fun and that’s all it is.  Sex infuses our culture as it does everywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Nothing wrong with it in itself.   The FNM says they will get rid of the Carnival when they get in. We are sure that  when his people are in power it will stop the gyrating that so upset Rev. Patterson.