Paul Rolle To Succeed As Commissioner Of Police

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So congratulations are in order to the new Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle who takes over on Monday 30 March 2020.  A North Andros man, he is now at the top and it appears that there will be no objection from the Official Opposition, notwithstanding his role in locking up the former Minister Shane Gibson  and  former Senator Frank Smith. There are other considerations at work. He is a competent officer. The outgoing Commissioner Anthony Ferguson is leaving taking credit for lessening the number of murders in the country. He leaves without promoting the officers as he promised. He had a most unfortunate way of expressing things. Told us as he was going out the door that he doesn’t want people rolling out of bed to say they are going to Wendy’s to get food because they should be cooking at home. Bye! Bye! Commissioner. But not every good bye in this country is gone, Mr. Ferguson is to become the new Director of the National Intelligence Agency. The FNM fixes up their own.