Pedro Miller’s Case

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Anyone who is a public official would know that the friendly face of the Grand Lucayan Hotel is that of Pedro Miller.  To the staff he was a man, cialis sales shop perhaps the only one in the company, viagra usa who actually knew the business of serving people and what a hotel business was about.  One by one Bahamian executives have been fired from Grand Lucaya, treat flimsy excuse after flimsy excuse but the Bahamian management has been stripped down.  No government has sought to inquire or do anything about it

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. When customers arrived on 25th July they learned to their dismay and chagrin that earlier that day Mr. Miller had been locked out of his office and dismissed.  So we ask the question, here is Mr. Miller a PLP who survived in the worse days of the FNM, how does he two years into a PLP administration when his government is in power lose his job?  You know that given his high profile nature, it will be impossible in the Freeport economy for him to get another such job. The Pindling days are obviously over.