People Line Up To See Buju: A Criminal And A Homophobe

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What an interesting country we are. The Minister of Tourism says that he is afraid to give an advisory to the Bahamian citizens travelling to Miami because of what the United States might do in return.  However, the Government of The Bahamas had no compunction about allowing in Mark Myre aka Buju Banton, the Reggae artist, who was convicted of drug charges in the US and just got out of jail after spending ten years nearly in the US penitentiary.  He is on his come back tour dubbed Long Walk To Freedom. For him to use Mandela’s book title is a disgrace enough but  the fact that he is unrepentant about singing that offensive song Boom! Boom! Bye! Bye! Is beyond the Pale.  In that song he advocated killing gay people. He promised that he would not sing it last night.  We wonder if anyone from the police or immigration monitored what was going on.  Here we have an avalanche of violence in our country, yet we invite this fellow in: flying in on a private jet with fawning officials ready to welcome the conquering hero back to Nassau.  Tickets going $400 a pop.  Former Prime Minister P J Patterson who is widely respected around the world said that we must forgive Buju and give him a second chance to set his life right. That’s fine, if he had contrition and repented.  But we say again, he is unrepentant and that is what we glorify this unrepentant homophobe, violence promoter and drug dealer.