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There were several posts in chat groups and on Facebook sites  applauding the Government for their actions in this present Covid 19 crisis. What struck us is how quick people are in the face of this crisis to give away their right to be free. One post said we must lock down the country and shut everyone up for 30 days. This is a foolish and impossible idea in a free society and should not be seen to come out of our mouths. The government has now followed that advice and supposedly has everyone bottled up in their houses until dawn tomorrow. We keep saying if containment worked, the virus would still be in China. So clearly  in terms of a cure it is not that and the public officials should not fool the public that it is a cure.  The best it can do is slow things down. But this government has been so ham-fisted with their approach and management of this issue  why would anyone want to give them a blank cheque to lock the country up for 30 days. The place would be in absolute ruins after that. Let’s keep our rational minds folks. No total shut down.