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We had a good laugh at Peter Turnquest who came out blazing on Friday morning in the press 17 April 2020 to denounce Philip Brave Davis, the Leader of the PLP, for daring to suggest that  the Government was considering cutting the salaries of public servants by 20 per cent.  He said it was not so and then the usual stuff about this is no time for politics and Mr. Davis being irresponsible. Yada! Yada! Yada!  The fact is Mr. Davis’ comment was based on a meeting that was had with all ministries ( which Mr. Turnquest admitted took place) and the Ministry of Finance asking them to cut back on their budgets by 20 per cent.  After years of austerity under this government where else will they cut but salaries?  The Minister of the Public Service Brensil Rolle was not so  direct though. He hemmed and hawed.  All he would say is that cuts in salaries are not on the table as of today.  The Leader of the Public Service Union Kemsley Ferguson said if they tried it, he will bring his members out into the streets. He said it was unconscionable for them to even think about it.