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The Free National Movement Members of Parliament for Grand Bahama were widely ridiculed in the country for being missing in action during the storm or engaging in high profile public relations without actually providing nay help.  The main object of the scorn of the people is Peter Turnquest.  This is the man who just the week before the storm was boasting about meeting the deficit targets and throwing barbs at the PLP for not meeting its deficit targets. What is the truth about the PLP and deficit targets. The only reason, only reason that the PLP did not meet its targets on deficit spending was because of the hurricanes some three of them which happened on their watch. We warned the FNM that all it would take was one hurricane to blow the budget. Here we are, the hurricane has come.  Peter Turnquest stayed in Grand Bahama during the storm.  He did not surface publicly for four days. When he did, the report is he was cussed out by his constituents who asked where the hell did he just come from.  So, Mr. Deficit spending has had a taste of all which he will ultimately enjoy after the politics is done.  His mean spirited, nasty temperament as a public official will no doubt come back to haunt him.  You can hear it now: “ what have you got to say about the deficit now Mr. Turnquest?”