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There is the expression: “ when thieves and rogues fall out, just men come into their rights”.  That expression was on full centre stage every time some FNM MP got up over the past week to attack the FNM government in this budget debate. The latest is Peter Turnquest, the disgraced Minister of Finance, who has suddenly found balls which he did not have when he was a Minister.  He now agrees that there ought to be corporate tax, no surprise there since his view was always to capitulate to the European tax initiatives against The Bahamas.  Then the told the Speaker, he should not have called the Finance Secretary, at least the acting one, Marlon Johnson, an atheist. Of course Mr. Johnson himself has said so. Then he told the Prime Minister that the land deal for professionals which the Prime Minister had announced with great aplomb and fanfare is discriminatory and is not a good idea.  Uh Oh!